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Elevation Media is a media production center for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to increase their sales and profit. We produce video and audio content for our clients using cutting-edge filming and editing technology. We promote the materials we create for our clients for a maximum effect on sales.

Cristian Souca

Sound & audio editor

Andrei Sălăjan

video editor

Liviu Balta

Business arhitect

Cristina Turbuțan

PPC Specialist

Mihai Coste


Ilarie Bara

Graphic & web designer


We develop and grow companies. Standard or out-of-the-box solutions implemented with minimum budgets can have a significant impact on sales. We want to thank all our clients for their trust and loyalty!


Do you want to introduce your products and services to your clients in an up-to-date, highly impactful manner? Videos are an essential part of this solution! Videos with relevant content and an appropriate number of views can reach your potential clients by video-sharing on social media or You Tube.
This can increase your company’s sales!
Content and production quality is also the key! This is why you need Elevation Media’s team of professionals. Adapt your company’s message to the new dimensions of client communications!
Make videos an integral part of your company’s marketing efforts. Here are some examples of our video production.

Does your competition know how to market their offer? Use well-researched and well-directed video ads to do the same! 

Educate and inform your clients and sell your products and services to them through video ads! We can help!

How will your clients know that they need your product? How will they know where to buy it from? How will they know how to use it? By watching a short presentation video of your product! Help your clients understand, be better informed, and know how to use your product and your sale is guaranteed!

Do you want your employees to be proud of your company? Do you want to win your clients’ trust?

Showcase your company! You can do it through a dynamic video or through a static presentation. We can help you!

You want to introduce your clients to your impactful vision! We can offer you our Inspire filming drone. Nothing can compete with a spectacular aerial video panning over events or places. 

You can film your headquarters, your products, and anything else you can think of. We can help you!

Do you want to make your events available to the world in real time? We can make it happen for you with our cutting edge technology! Hold an event not just for a meeting room, but for the world! We can edit videos after live events so you can use them further. 

We can help!

Is there an important event or an anniversary coming up for your company? Do you have a product launch coming up? Are you organizing a workshop? Film it and use it further for your employees, collaborators, partners and clients. It will provide more information about your company and enhance your relationship with them!

We love music! Which is why we want to support quality music by filming music videos.
You have a tune, but no video to bring your music to life? We can help!

You have a video that needs editing? We can help you edit the sound or the image, cut unwanted content, correct or add images, etc., so that you will own a video that you are happy with and you can use.

Let’s see how we can grow your business by using videos!


“When you speak, you tell a story. When you listen, you bring comfort.”
Dale Carnegie


Voiceovers, often referred to as “VOs”, are produced using a person’s voice. 

Due to its personal touch but also its narrative technique, this voice is used to accompany visual elements in an ad, a documentary or in TV promos.
A VO actor is an unseen actor, a narrator with special vocal qualities.

Audio Commercials

Do you have a product which needs to be promoted? A local or national radio commercial is your simple solution. 

We work with you from conception to production finding the most efficient solutions and the best voice, so that your audio commercial is an absolute success. AUDIO COMMERCIALS can truly be unforgettable.


There is nothing more pleasant than reading a book, except for listening to one. 

A pleasant and professional voice can read you fiction, inspirational stories or even technical information while you are driving or otherwise engaged. We can produce audio content based on your documentation as AUDIO BOOKS.


You have one or several recordings, but you are not happy with their quality or you would like to either cut or add segments. You will be amazed to see what a professional can do with the right technology, software and hands-on experience. We are awaiting your business. You can also send us your recordings by email so you can receive a sample of AUDIO EDITING.

Let’s see how we can grow your business by using videos!


You need to reach your clients today! We can help you with content for your ads and also by promoting your ads online! We specialize in organic SEO as well as PPC, so we can focus on your potential clients.

WEB Design

A company cannot exist without a website. But for a website to exist, it needs to answer the dynamic requirements of search engines and to have a layout which matches its medium and the expectations of potential clients. Web Design is a process of conceptualization, planning and building of electronic files which determine the layout, colours, fonts, structure, graphics, images and interactive features designed to deliver web pages to your online visitors. We can help!


Facebook is the largest social network in the world with almost 2 billion users internationally and approximately 8.5 million users in Romania alone.

Facebook ads will help target real people who have an interest in your services or products based on their sex, age, location, hobbies or interests.

We can help!

SEO Services

SEO services refer to online marketing strategies used to improve the ranking of a website within search engines. 

Strategies vary from content and structure optimization to building link profiles outside of websites. 

SEO optimization is important within any online marketing plan, as it pushes websites to the top ranks of search engines.

Google Adwords

Regardless of your objective: increasing the number of your online visitors, filling in  a contact form, or increasing sales, Google AdWords can help. We can promote your ads with the help of Google AdWords across all devices clients use: desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Whenever clients search, buy, or read online, they will find you!

Let’s see how we can grow your business through efficient campaigns!


We use our own experience to recommend successful solutions for the growth of your business!

We have 15 years experience in hospitality, steelwork, agriculture, industrial production, baking, media, constructions, real-estate and non-profit organizations, so we can recommend realistic solutions that increase your sales and profit!

You have grown your business from the ground up! Congratulations!

We can help you take it to the next level, by offering you consulting services that are suited to your business:

  • Financial consulting
  • Organizational consulting
  • Team and Cost Management
  • Branding
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Internal Processes
  • Cost Optimization, so that the complete package that we offer, together with our video content and online marketing can turn your business into your next major success!
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